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Founder, publication manager and personal Data controller: Mrs. Séverine SERRES,
over 20 years PQE lawyer, holding the following
CCEEES (Global European space under Bologne round) & UE CEC (European union standards):

>DESS in Tax Law and Business Law, with credit Law and competition Law as optional extras.
(CCEEES 3rd cycle post graduate university degree which shall thus be considered as a 8th level certification or the corrisponding professional skills description under the EU certifications graduation CEC under the EU Council rec. nr. 2017/C 189/03 Annexe nr 2 (on clic:auto upload))

>Maîtrise in private Law, with International Trade Law as an optional extra.
(CCEEES 2nd cycle university degree which shall thus be considered as a 7th level certification under EU certifications graduation CEC under the EU Council rec. nr. 2017/C 189/03)

>Bachelor of Law
(CCEEES 1st cycle university degree. Under the EU CEC, such a diploma is still registered as a 6th level certification under EU graduation CEC under the EU Council rec. nr. 2017/C 189/03)

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Should personal data be needed by any other needed professional who is part of Séverine Serres & Co network, to perform the agreement and the delivery of the paid service, it is transferred through a secure process to the said and needed professional once expressly agreed by the client in express agreed specific conditions.

Transferring here Personal data means declaring them as yours under your strict liability or declaring yourself under your strict liability as the person legally empowered to do so. They are collected via a https system certificate that matches the security and regular https encryption requirements, and moreover when you order a fee based service or a subscription paid service your data are collected via a crypted process and a personal area to be accessed through a password you choose and must keep strictly confidential under your exclusive liability. Your data are then automatically operated to send you requested newsletters and services offers or to link to payments process and plateform ; furthermore they are operated to deliver you the paid confidential and limited-use services in a confidential and protected reserved area.

Should you need to update, modify or delete your data please send your request via the contact form or a postal request to the postal address above and making your request precise with all the needed details, when you don't manage to connect directly to this digital process through the corresponding link automatically sent by mail.

Any stolen, false or corrupt data, may lead to civil and criminal proceedings.

Any stolen data collection, spamming or phishing process, may lead to civil and criminal proceedings.

Should you be interested in receiving information about the non-profit activity of Mrs Séverine Serres (FEDJF - lawyers from France Federation ; or her political activities), please check the provided box for this purpose on the subscription form.


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Séverine Serres & Co and any practitioner or expert among the professionals who deliver fee based and subscription-paid services through this professionnal network, ensure you services that are automatically covered by an insurance which subscription is fully documented by the qualified professional through the client reserved area within about 20 days from the first order or at the very moment of the first delivery to the client, and under the condition of his performed complete anticipated payment or otherwise under the condition of his performed retainer anticipated payment, according to the agreed conditions of payment. Payment is intended as performed when it is cashed by the referent professional who delivers the service, and under a cumulative condition only when it is applicable : once the withdrawal period has expired.

Should any claim about the website or the services arise or should any dishonoured payment arise, and should it be unsolved through a reasonable agreement that is negociated and dealt with good will, only french courts in the Ile de France area in France shall have jurisdiction and only French law shall apply to the case at hand.

Under normal circumstances, compensation or damages with regard to Séverine Serres & Co civil liability or that of any professional who is part of this professional network, shall, as a rule, never be more than the paid price by the client.

Séverine Serres & Co or any practitioner or expert taking part in this professional network is automatically discharge by force majeure or any fortuitus event or by circumstances which are resulting from a third-party's fault and from any client's fault.